Too many features are not working, even for a beta


As a long-time 1PW user, I was anxious to download and try beta 8. So far all it's provided is much frustration and failure to perform even the most basic features. I've spend some time reading others comments on the forum and agree with many of them, but rather than just append on each of them I thought I'd just recap all the issues I've encountered so far, many of which have been identified by others.
1) The basic Command-\ shortcut no longer works. Shortcuts cannot be edited so if some other app is conflicting then there is no fix.
2) Apple Watch does not unlock anything.
3) Quick Access doesn't do anything. I tried it once and now all it shows is the result of my first search and no matter what I do nothing changes. Is this supposed to replace the mini app
4) The option key no longer is a shortcut to reveal bulleted passwords when 1PW is open.
5) I can't find a way to limit tags/entries to a single vault. 1PW shows all entries for all vaults but I want to only see 1 vault at a time.

After so many years relying on 1PW, I find the current beta unusable, but I expect it will improve significantly with future betas.

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