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What is the advantage of 1Password 8 over LastPass now?

Just curious from the Agilebits team what do they feel the primary advantages of 1Password 8 are over something like LastPass? Both are Electron and use cloud syncing. Both have similar features. Both have mediocre user experiences. LastPass is cheaper for personal and business use and part of a bigger suite of business apps. I'm trying to see what the point of differentiation is now.

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  • cyberskiercyberskier
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    When I came from Windows and switched from Lastpass several years ago, it was the delight of using 1Password that made me switch. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the delight was based on the Mac-ness of 1Password. After using version 8, that differentiator -- the intangible delight -- is now gone, unfortunately. Going forward, it will be like any other app comparison, comparing a bullet list of features, price, etc. I keep my fingers crossed that some rough approximation of that delight can be made as the Early Access build develops.

  • HinghamHarborManHinghamHarborMan
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    LastPass has had continuous security incidents (and a breach) over the years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LastPass#Security_issues

    That should be enough to stay away from it. If you do look for another app, I recommend picking one that hasn't had multiple security issues.

    Due to the nature of the data in a password manager, one security breach is enough for me to never trust them.

  • mueezmueez
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    @cyberskier I 100% feel the same way regarding 1P8 losing the Mac-ness and simultaneously my excitement for using 1P8. I guess I'm now in the market for a new password manager. I've used 1Password for over 8 years. I JUST convinced my best friend to purchase 1Password (after 2+ years of raving about the product) and less than a month later I'm having to apologize for the state 1Password has headed.

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