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I see this issue has been discussed before but not recently. Is it possible to disable personal vaults for users? So many times users accidentally place passwords in their personal vault that are actually team passwords. They have received instructions multiple times not to do this but it still happens. I simply want them to use their 1Password for work and to have access to Vaults that I don't have to worry about losing company/team passwords too. Is it possible to disable personal vaults? Is there another solution to dealing with this issue?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Hi @chrystalschronicles,

    Private/Personal vaults cannot be disabled in 1Password Business or Teams currently, as you've read in the other threads in the Community. That said, I've gone ahead and shared your feedback and added it to an issue in our internal database. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

    For now, the best recommendation I can give is to continue bringing this up to your existing team members and those future ones during the onboarding process. Making this an internal policy and clearly outlining the expectations for vault usage is a good start. To ensure compliance, you can review the contents of their Personal/Private vault by having an administrator and team member work together.

    If you haven't already done so, you can also ask your team members to change the Save new items in setting in 1Password in the browser to something other than the Private/Personal vault. This will help ensure Logins are automatically stored in an accessible shared vault. They can do this by right-clicking the 1Password icon in their browser toolbar, and selecting Settings. From there, under the General section, they can select a shared vault from the drop-down menu of the Save new items in option.

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#75

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