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first impressions on 1P8 for mac

After reading all about the apocalypse that is 1P8 I decided to at least give it a try, that's the first hour with 1P8
Performance: the first thing that bothered me, because electron apps are very resource hungry, but on big sur it seems to behave better,
less fans running like an helicopter for the moment, and memory consumption is on par with 1P7

UX/UI: this is a train wreck to me:
waste of screen estate compared to 1P7
removed the mini ui
changed (and unchangeable) keyboard shortcuts
interaction between browser extension and the app is currently totally broken (no edit in app)

Also the current saving/update password workflow is still messy (got locked out of an account because I accidentally clicked on the old password copying it in the clipboard overwriting the generated one before I could save it) but this is not really a fault of version 8, it is a general 1P problem

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