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V8 Beta Feedback - Good, Bad & Ugly

Hi! Β πŸ‘‹

I've been a happy 1Password customer for years, always recommended it to friends and family and even successfully pushed for it at work. After taking 1Password 8 for a test drive during the past couple of days, I've decided to write down my thoughts in the hope that they might help to improve what has become an important cornerstone of my digital life.


The Good

  • Quick Access: This is way faster and easier to use than Mini, especially using keyboard shortcuts. Good job! πŸ‘
  • Modern translucent sidebar

The Bad

UI bugs and regressions

  • Lockscreen displays Touch-ID icon instead of Apple Watch icon
  • Lockscreen doesn't automatically prompt Apple Watch Unlock
  • Biometric Unlock is sometimes just missing
  • Weird glitches/stuttering when resizing the window
  • Inconsistent types of drop-downs
  • White drop-downs seem to be limited to the main window's bounds
  • Scrolling inertia feels off
  • No overscroll on the top/bottom of lists
  • Unable to move the preferences window
  • Preference window close button is on the top-right instead of top-left, breaking macOS muscle memory
  • Last viewed preference pane is not restored when opening preferences again

Missing features

  • Adding OTPs by scanning QR codes missing
  • Keyboard shortcuts can't be changed
  • A lot of keyboard shortcuts within the app are missing
  • Custom Icons
  • Mini / Quick Access lost it's awareness for the currently opened App


The Ugly

  • Excessive RAM Usage (>400MB on my 8GB MacBook Air for a password manager is insane 🀯)
  • Increased CPU Usage (e.g. 30% vs 10% while scrolling; 3% vs 0% doing nothing)
  • Local Vaults and iCloud/Dropbox Sync missing
  • Lot of UI elements look like they are from a cheap website, not a quality Mac app 🀒


Unfortunately 1Password 8 feels like a huge regression for Mac users. IMHO this isn't the premium option that Mac users are willing to pay a premium price for anymore. I certainly won't. I wish you all the best going forward and sincerely hope this version goes back to the drawing board.

1Password Version: 8.2.0-44.BETA
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.5

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