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Another longtime user leaving

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It won't change anything, but I created an account here just to add (yet another) voice sharing feedback.

I'm a longtime 1password user on macOS (something like 10 years). I was disappointed when the subscription model started getting pushed, but understood.

Removing the ability to have local vaults is disappointing. Exclusively supporting subscriptions is also disappointing. The move to Electron is the final straw. I want a native macOS app. This is why I chose 1password in the first place.

I know I'm screaming into the void here, and I understand why the decision was made from a business perspective. Please stop telling users that "unifying the experience" of using 1password across multiple platforms is a benefit to users. I would imagine most of your users don't actually use 1password on more than one platform. (If there is data showing this isn't the case, interested to see it).

I'll use 1password 7 until it's no longer supported, and then take my family and the group of friends who ask for my advice on security to another platform.

No need to respond. This will be my first and last post here.


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    Me too. Cancelled and got a refund (I signed up last month). Grateful to AB for issuing a refund when they didn't technically have to.

    Such a shame :(

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