Give the possibility to continue paying my account when I am removed from a family group without los

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hello, a friend introduced me to his 1pasword family plan, checking the page I realized that he can delete my account and all passwords at any time
I would like to be notified that I was removed from the family group and given the possibility of continuing to pay on my own without losing my account or passwords

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  • williakz
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    @isaacg, until the elves put something like you suggest in place, perhaps you can use a series of 1Password's free trials to "park" your secure data as a sort of poor man's online backup system. If worse comes to worst and your main account is suddenly whacked, you can go from "Park" to "Drive" with your trial account. Just a thought. Doesn't affect me as I'm the big kahuna able to delete others my family account.

  • FelixAkk
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    Absolutely upvote this :)

    Software is eating the world. Keychains will contain access to your bank, government identity, your life. Doesn't feel right a family-plan admin can delete someone else's life. Under no condition.

    Family disputes happen. Divorces, conflicts over religion, money, whatever. It's not just a possibility, but a statistical certainty.

    Personally think the ideal solution here would to model it after the idea of free federation. You can join and leave groups (based on invite) as you see fit. But your sovereign account with your sacred data remains yours at all times. When kicked and don't have a personal plan, one could automatically be converted to trial account + prompt for payment options or exporting.

  • @isaacg @FelixAkk

    I'll let the team know that you are interested in this sort of ability.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#552

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