Could you release features at the same time please!?

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I don't want to find where to best report this and I'm pissed so here you go:

I love 1password, I RELY! on 1password. But for that to continue, I have to ask the product management to release features on all platforms at the same time (same week). Why you may ask? Here is the deal. I use 1pw on Linux, Android, Web and Windows. You released a great feature on Linux only where I can attach an image to the entry itself without having to have to attach a separate document. All handy dandy, but apart from Linux no other platforms can manage or read that attachment. I have attached a copy of the passport before travel so I don't have to carry the genuine one all the time. This nearly got me into trouble when realised I can't show the passport copy to the officials when asked for it. Not cool. Please take this request seriously.
I love this product, please make this happen.

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  • Ben

    Hi @vadviktor

    That is exactly the direction we're heading with 1Password 8, and was one of the motivations for building the apps the way we have for that version. Thank you for taking the time to share that you're looking for that. We have Early Access versions of 1Password 8 available for Mac and Windows, with mobile (hopefully) coming later this year.

    Part of the difficulty with the architecture of 1Password 7, which is the current stable version on all platforms except Linux, is that we have to write each feature for each platform. This usually cannot be completed in sync, and as a result you see the behavior you've described: features are available on some platforms but not others. v8 will significantly improve upon this as (generally) we'll be able to write a feature once and deploy it everywhere.

    I hope that helps!


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