MAC app (Version 7.8.7) sync tab doesn't appear in preferences... Desire iCloud sync destination...

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MAC app (Version 7.8.7) sync tab doesn't appear in preferences ... The MAC app was originally set up to sync to Dropbox ... however I would like to change the sync destination to iCloud ... Understood after opening the app > preferences - the destination could be changed by using the sync tab ... This tab does not appear in preferences ... Preferences tab options are: General, Mini, Security, Accounts, Watchtower, Vaults, Browsers, Notifications, Advanced

1Password Version: 7.8.7 (70807003)
Extension Version: 2.0.5.
OS Version: macOS Big Sur Ver 11.5.2
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  • danco
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    Syncing is handled automatically by the 1PW server, so there is no tab for it. That is, unless you have a stand-alone vault, and these are going away.

  • @HereNowJAL

    With you seeing an accounts tab that would indicate you are using a membership as Danco mentioned.

  • dppeak
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    If you go into Preferences->Advanced there is an option for Local Vaults. Check this and you can also create a local vault that may be sync'd with iCloud. However, if you have migrated to, you'd need to export that vault to a .1pif and then import it into the new local vault.

  • ag_ana
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    Thank you for the suggestion :+1: Although it should be noted that, if data is being already synced to (as it sounds like from this conversation), this would cause duplication of data, so that would not be a required step.

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