First Time User. Autofill not working on Citi Mobile app or Fennec app

I am looking at switching over from Bitwarden and have used multiple password managers for years.
I may be doing something stupid.

I installed 1Password and turned on autifill and Accessibility for 1Password and turned them off for Bitwarden.
I manually added a login entry for Citi to my Vault.

When I tap on the password field in Citi Mobile app or Fennec app, I don't see the popup that is described in
I just see the words "Autofill with 1Password" at the top of my Samsung Keyboard. When I tap on it, it says "Unlock 1Password" and asks for my master password or fingerprint. When I use my fingerprint or enter my master password, the screen goes slightly dark but you can still see the original app in the background. Nothing else appears or happens.

I can run the 1Password app and login without any problems,

I am running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet running Android 11.
I am using 1Password for Android version 7.7.7.
I am running Citi Mobile app version 9.42.0.
I am running Fennec version 91.1.0.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any more info.



  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @Dan731 Thanks for reaching out to us!

    It looks like you've reached out to us through email. The conversation can continue there to avoid any confusion.

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