1Password for Linux, 8.2.0

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Hello, friends! Linux continues to march onward, and today we've released 8.2.0, our third stable version of 1Password 8 for Linux.

Over the last eight weeks, since 8.1.0, here's a few of the highlights of what we've done.

  • We overhauled account management with a nice new user interface.
  • Vault Collections returns!
  • Quick Access has debuted and will be improving rapidly.
  • We've made many improvements to screen reader accessibility on the lock screen, account management, alerts, and menus.
  • We've fixed a lot of visual glitches.
  • We've adjusted our shortcuts based on user feedback and fixed a variety of bugs in them.

There are so many more. Check out our release notes page for a full list, and for a showcase of our top new features.

You can always download the latest stable release on our website.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try out our beta Linux releases. Beta releases are more likely to have regressions. It's easy to switch back to our production stable releases if you'd like.

And if you need 1Password on Windows or Mac, we have a Windows Early Availability release or our brand-new Mac Early Availability release. Each version is the same in its core with near feature parity, and integrations customized for each platform.

We hope you enjoy this new release!

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