1Password 8, Beta 8.2.2-6


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Howdy, everyone!

On the tail of our big Mac Early Access announcement two weeks ago, and on the tail of this week's Linux stable release, we continue on forward and have a new beta this week, too!

As always, you can read our release notes blog for Linux, Windows, and macOS to see all of the details of the latest updates.

Screen Readers

We have put a lot of attention into keyboard navigation and visual clarity for a long time, but for the last few weeks we have turned all of our attention onto screen reader support. In this release, you will find significant updates to screen reader accessibility on

  • alert dialogs
  • the lock screen
  • settings

And over the coming weeks, there will be a lot more! We're not where we want the application to be today, so there is more to be done.

Linux users: note that screen readers cannot read Electron user interfaces unless you set ACCESSIBILITY_ENABLED=1 in your environment.

Quick Access

Quick Access appeared for the first time in the macOS Early Access release, only two weeks ago.

In the last two weeks, we have spent a lot of time filing off rough edges and also starting to incorporate some early feedback on the feature. As such, you'll see improvements such as

  • easier to remember shortcuts
  • a better-looking hint bar
  • only those menu options that are relevant to the item you've selected

and additional improvements on the appearance and behavior of the flow. But we're not done, and there is definitely more coming your way in the next few releases!


Finally, a variety of Linux users have requested this, and after some weeks of testing, I'm happy to announce that we officially have Flatpak distribution!

Starting this week, new betas will be available in our Flatpak repository, with our next stable version making it into Flatpak when we make that release. If you want to use flatpak, you can run this command for your initial installation:

flatpak install https://downloads.1password.com/linux/flatpak/1Password-beta.flatpakref

After that, 1Password will be available in your launcher on Gnome Shell and KDE, or you can start 1Password from the command line by running

flatpak run com.onepassword.OnePassword

We hope you like this new distribution mode, and we look forward to feedback on how to make it even better!

And that's it for this week! It's late in the week, but we stay very busy and there will be more to come next week! Bye, everyone!

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