Tw-Factor Authentication

We have Two-Factor Authentication active for all of our staff using 1Password.
How often does it prompt for the code during the MFA process - is it just on initial setup of the account? Every 30 days? etc

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    Hi @WAnderson, welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    Great question. After two-factor authentication is enabled for your 1Password account, each user will need to authenticate once on any devices where they're already using 1Password, as well as when setting up the 1Password apps on new devices and new browser sign-ins. They won't be asked to enter their generated 2FA codes again beyond that initial authentication unless they reset the 1Password apps or deauthorize their devices/browser sign-ins.

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    Thank you ! so it's not an Advanced MFA like Office365? We plan on rolling out Duo this week. We can't force MFA on each login?

  • ag_maxag_max

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    I'm not entirely familiar with Office365's 2FA solution, though I do know many other services rely on authentication-based security models rather than encryption-based ones (like 1Password). Because of this, authentication doesn't play as important of a role in the security of your 1Password data. More on that here.

    ** We plan on rolling out Duo this week.**

    Ah, 1Password does support two-factor authentication with Duo, if you would like to force your users to re-authenticate more frequently (between 1-30 days).

    Just to note that enabling Duo for your 1Password account will disable the traditional two-factor authentication for your users; they will no longer be able to use third-party authenticator apps to generate 2FA codes. They'll instead be required to enroll in Duo (if they haven't already), and they'll authenticate as required by the Duo authentication interval as chosen by an administrator.

    Use Duo for your team

  • Hello I'm a Business membership of my company subscription ( I've got a serious problem about 2FA and I need to recover my account (I'm not longer able to connect device or log into my web account using 2FA).
    How do I contact administrator whom manage my company accounts ?

  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

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    Hi @MaurizioNatta! :smile:

    We'd be happy to assist with this! If you could just reach out to us at [email protected] using your work-provided email address, we'll be able to take a closer look at any accounts you may have and offer suggestions from there. Feel free to also include a link to your post here for reference.

    We'll be on the lookout for your message!

  • many tks i’ll do it soon. I vary appreciate your answer and support. I was disperate 😞

  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

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    We're more than happy to help, @MaurizioNatta! Once we see your message come in, we'll jump on it as soon as we can. :+1:

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