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My wife recently shared our 1password with a coworker and wrote it down in their lunch room, so I had to reset everything and check all our important accounts.
So, I need to educate my reluctant family about the importance of keeping passwords confidential and secure.
I am a software engineer, so I understand. But my wife not so much.
Please share any resources that will help me to drive home this point.

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  • Don't share important info with persons you cannot trust. In this case, you wife is a person you cannot trust with computer stuff. Not because she is not trustworthy, but because she isn't able to keep confidential things confidential. This is not because she is evil, it's because of her (lack of) understanding of technical things. I also know such persons, and it's often not possible to raise their technical understanding above a certain threshold. I resigned with them and try to keep my really important info myself and hope the best for theirs. If they get into trouble, I try to repair as much and as fast as I can, but prevention is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    If it comes to 1Password, I assume you have a family account. Don't make her family organizer. Don't share your own credentials but instead use your private vault. Use your own master password your wife doesn't know. Share only stuff you cannot avoid sharing.

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    We have a documentation page on our website with a good overview, you might find this useful:

    How to keep your 1Password account secure

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