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Where did it go? I used to be able to access it independently for those sites that 1Password doesn't recognize as needing a password.

Now it seems like I have to manually "create" a new entry to get a password. Netinher the Windows, Chrome or Firefox have that feature any longer.

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  • @Rochambeaux The password generator in the browset extension is still in the same place for me.
    Click on: 1Password icon in toolbar->Large '+' sign->Password Generator
    Here you can generate Smart Password that adjust to the website, a Random Password , a Memorable Password or a PIN Code, adjust the parameters for the latter three and choose the default type for suggestions.

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    Let us know if rootzero's suggestion helped :+1:

  • Usually this is needed in an app on the phone. I am signing up for something and it wants a new password. I have not found any way in the phone app nor on desktop to just generate a password. I find myself TYPING a password that I'm making up in my head. I prefer to not ever know my passwords and let 1password create and remember them for me.

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    I have not found any way in the phone app nor on desktop to just generate a password.

    Assuming that by phone app you mean the iOS app, in order to create a new password you open the 1Password app, tap on Categories on the bottom row, select Passwords in the list, and tap on the "+" button on the top right of the screen. You can now create a separate password using the password generator there :+1:

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