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I'm moving from Robo Form to 1PW. Is it necessary to delete my Robo Form data online stored on their servers? I hate having all that info just "out there" on their servers. I've been a Robo Form user for many years and have become tired of it's fill function not being adequate.

My wife and I have gotten lazy and started using Keychain Access in Safari (it is very easy to slip into another system!). So I need to convert those over too. Is there a simple way to transfer my Safari Keychain passwords over to 1PW? I saw MrC's converter mentioned, but are there "simple" instructions for a newbie?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  • Hello @Gatesway! 👋

    When I moved to 1Password from another password manager many years ago I deleted the old password manager after migrating my data to 1Password. Once all of your passwords are migrated to 1Password there's no need to keep them in RoboForm anymore.

    At the moment there isn't any official way to migrate from iCloud Keychain to 1Password since Apple doesn't provide an easy way to export data from iCloud Keychain (however this will change with macOS 12). With that said, you can pick up this data through a 'passive' import.

    On a Mac, this entails running both Mac Keychain and 1Password simultaneously in the Safari web browser, having Keychain enter your login credentials into a site, and then using the 1Password extension to save the filled website entry. Here's an article about saving, filling, and changing passwords using the 1Password extension:

    On an iPhone or iPad, you can copy a password (or username) from Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords. Then, you can create a new login item in 1Password and paste it there.

    Let me know if that helps. :)

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