copy part of Note on iphone - 2021 issue solution?

When I search for "copy part of Note on iphone" I get over 9,000 hits. The first few are just what I'm looking for, but are old - 2014 and 2018. I just, (September 1st, 2021), tried to copy part of a note and was unable to select what I wanted. This worked a few weeks ago without issue. So, how do I find a solution to this "new", August 2021, problem?

More generally, there must be a way to sort search results by date? I see that I can set the search to limited time spans, such as 1 week from today, and I get only 200 or so hits, so perhaps I have solved that riddle. But all of this leaves me realizing that what I know of the universe of 1Password is only a tiny fraction of the whole. So many changes, so much progress, and so much to do. And all of that influenced by the constantly changing environment of many different platforms, OSs, user interfaces, and so forth.

Thus this note may be the fastest way to find out what I am looking for - how do I copy a small piece from the Note section of a password, (or any other data item), in 1Password (on my iPhone 7+), such that I can paste it into another "app", which is requesting an update of my "key" for that other app? This app asks every few weeks. The last time it asked, I simply opened the app's "password" entry in 1Password, went to the Notes section, selected the desired "key" characters from among many items in Notes, copied the "key", and went to the app, and pasted the "key" into the waiting blank spot - done, successfully! Now, about 2 weeks later, there seems to be no way of selecting the desired characters in the portion of the notes that represents the "key". Can I get it? Yes, but I must go to "Edit", (which I'd rather not, because I could mess the key up by mistake), find the Notes section again, Tap again to edit the Notes, select the characters I want, (the "key"), and then tap on copy, ... A much longer and more risky process than what I could do, but a few weeks ago, all from the first display screen of that entry in 1Password.

So, back to the question, is there some setting or something else I can do to revert 1Password to the older behavior - where I can select and then copy a part of the data for any 1Password entry?



  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @BobC4000!

    Currently you can only do this by going into enter mode, but I believe the developers are aware of a bug introduced by a recent change here, so perhaps this is something they can address in a future update :+1:

    One suggestion: if you find yourself copying just a section of a note over and over again, it might be worth adding that section as its own field, so you can copy it more quickly:

    Customize your 1Password items

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