Why are they called *Secure* Notes?

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As you know, categories in 1Password include things such Logins, Credit cards, and Passwords. But then there's Secure Notes. Why are Notes prepended with the adjective Secure? I've never thought about it before, but now I notice it every time I open the Categories drop-down menu. I mean, obviously the other categories contain secure items also, so the Secure prefix for Secure Notes seems superfluous to me.

Anyway, it's really no big deal, I was just curious what the reasoning behind it is (if any).

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  • ag_tommy
    edited September 2021

    Hey @MerryBit

    I can't speak with certainty to this, but as a user, for 14 years, I always took it as Secure implied something you would want to keep around. Notes to me just sound like a place to stash tidbits of data you may or may not want to keep. Secure has more substance to it, if you will. It could also have something to do with macOS having a Notes app and us wanting a level of separation and prevent any confusion for the user as to where to enter the data. We would not want to say put a note in the notes section, and then the user reveals sensitive data to the world. It's best to make a clear distinction by saying put it in the Secure Notes.

    Just my 2¢ as a user. I could be wrong. We may need to ping Ben for more thought on this one. ;)

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