Feature request: Link credit cards to logins

I am in the process of both moving and changing banks/credit cards at the same time. 1Password has been immensely helpful in giving me a list of places where I need to update my address, but it has been a bit less helpful on the credit card side.

What I would love is the ability to have a 1-to-many link between credit cards and logins. The specific scenario I'm thinking of is something like:

Me: "Hey, I don't want to pay the annual fee on this credit card anymore, so I'm going to cancel it."
I go to 1Password and delete the credit card
1Password: "Hey! All these websites use that credit card by default - go change them!"

It'd be particularly helpful for recurring charges, but even with stores where I don't have any type of subscription, it'd be helpful because otherwise I'll go on autopilot and accidentally try to charge a closed card because it's kept on file with the store and I forgot to update it.

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