1P V7.7.8.10 and use in W10 works OK to select/ fill for Chase.com, IOS IPad 1P app & Safari Fails

On a family plan. 1P app on W10 uses Edge browser to autofill or select fill from Chase.com vault login. User ID and Password are correctly filled. Then when selected the login to Chase.com is successful.
Problems occur when using device Ipad and 1P app with Safari or Google browsers the autofill does not occur for the same vault entry of Chase.com that works in windows.. Tried every which way to get the Ipad 1P app to work with 2 browsers as that device is most often used by me to access Chase.com site.
So until solved I will have to use my memory of chase login or 1P on the Windows 10 device. I prefer so far as my experience has shown me that 1P is the only way to go. But Ipad is simpler method. I shall keep experimenting to determine where the fault lies.

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  • Added comment - I got the autofill to work with Safari. I had to change the order of starting for the 1P app and the Safari Browser app.
    In my first topic comment, I started 1P first then used the blue marked address for Chase from the vault Login item website for Chase. This still fails every time fails - no autofill.
    I was finally successful when I started 1st with Safari Browser then I typed into the browser the Chase login page URLaddress https://www.chase.com.
    Then when Safari displayed the Chase login page I selected the Username field for Chase and a new control bar was placed by the 1Password app above the keyboard. I selected the black Icon key which then the 1Password app put up a new small window asking me to choose a saved password from among 3 choices ( a google account password, a chase.com password, and finally the 1Password app to supply an autofill password). I selected the 1password choice. !Password immediately displayed a new window for logging into the 1Password app and starting it. I then proceeded to log into the 1Password app with my Master Password. The 1Password app then showed a new window with my vault Chase login item as a choice to use for the autofill to the Chase login screen. I selected my Chase login valt item and the Chase login screen was auto-filled from the 1password vault item. I then selected Sign In on the Chase login screen. Success the Chase account opened correctly to my credit account. this is the 1st time I got the Ipad 1Password app to correctly fill the Chase login, I repeated this procedure 6 times successfully.
    Still I think the 1st comment I made above is that there is a problem with this Chase URL if 1Password is started 1st.

  • Added comment. Tested with Google browser. and 1Password starting with browser 1st was successful also.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Higginsme!

    Thank you for all the information, and I am glad that you managed to fill on the Chase website now :+1:

    Still I think the 1st comment I made above is that there is a problem with this Chase URL if 1Password is started 1st.

    Can you please elaborate on this? What steps are you following when this happens?

  • Added Comment :3- My 1st comment on the Chase problem is the right way to go. IP must fille all 3 to make this 1P app fly thru all them logins and get the job done. I finally after a couple of hours developed a unique Chase.com workaround process for my device IPAD with IOS 4.7.1 whereby 1P is forced by my procedure to auto-fill all 3 items, website address, Username and Chase password. The 1P app is set for User agent 1 password and Safari as the browser. (I'll try Google) next week.
    My normal procedure to speed through all my logins is as follows:
    Start 1P app, Select Favorites (keeps login length short), 1st Login, Select web site on login to open via the browser, Verify what 1P does, if 1P and the web site auto-filled the proper web site and username and password then select login to get into the site, if yes select the web site login button, if not hit the icon key on the top bar, 1P may or may not present the vault list, as soon as you can see the Username and ****** for the password select the login button. I log in succesfull do your business and sign out then select Done on top bar for return to 1p Vault of logins. Continue on to the next log-in. Wow this is the only way to fly fast through 1P a great app when all works with all the websites and they crazy ways to do things.

    Well, Chase.com is a not normal site ( they are a tricky smart bunch of programmers who do it their way). Here is my procedure which when I was thwarted by Chase login procedures I found a workaround to force 1P to Autofill their Login Block with Username and Password from the 1P app vault.
    Open the 1p App, Select Favorites, Select Chase Login, Select Website to Chase, Browser opens the Chase login page (I usethe following of many available websites - secure03a.chase.com/web/auth/dashboard, Hit the Chase Username line until the Ipad keyboard pops up on display, note that a black Icon is provided for forcing 1P to autofill, if no black key then 1P is broke, hit the black icon key, The 1P app is restarted, enter 1P Master Password, Select the Chase login, Verify that 1P forced the autofill of Username and Password for Chase, If yes hit the Chase blue login button. Do your business with Chaase , select sign out when done and Select DONE at top batr to get back the 1P app vault list for the next login selection.

    Anyway, I'm happy because my wife is happy that 1Passowrd is a great tool as long as the websites aren't too crazy. Good luck to all and Chase access.
    This is my last entry for my Chase login problem as it was a tough nut to crack but it is now a workable login procedure albeit different from the others. I can live with that.

  • Added Comment 5 - My Added comment 2 is not the way to go - I do not recommend use as manual entry of the Website for the logi is required. 1Password is responsible to enter the website and in Chase.com's case I had to force 1P to do its job. Anyway My use of 1P works fast and reliably. Happy Happy Happy..

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Anyway My use of 1P works fast and reliably. Happy Happy Happy..

    That is great to hear @Higginsme :) If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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