2FA keeping appearing , unable to save keychain

just got upgrade to 1Password for Mac 8.2.2-23.BETA, 80202023, on BETA channel. Now every time I log in I have to enter the 2FA (which I did not have to before this version). Seems that the credentials cannot be saved to the keychain

Does anyone else has this issue?

1Password Version: Mac 8.2.2-23.BETA, 80202023, on BETA channel
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 11.5.2


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @thirsytlizard

    We'd love to investigate this further. Could you please email us a diagnostic report to [email protected]? You can generate a report from 1Password > Preferences > Advanced > Send Diagnostics. With the email please include a link to this thread (https://1password.community/discussion/123335/). When you send the message you should get an auto-reply from BitBot containing a support ID. Please post that here so we can 'connect the dots.'

    Thank you! We look forward to figuring out what's happening here.


  • done, support ID is [#GCF-18418-289]

  • Thanks @thirstylizard

    I've responded to your email. Let's continue the conversation there. :+1:

    ref: GCF-18418-289

  • thanks for the email. However I am unable to find the report after pressing "send diagnostics". There is no pop up dialog box or option or any indication to find the report. I thought initially that the report was silently sent to the support team. Is it just me having this issue, both 2FA and not able to send/find diagnostic report

  • I think the issue is resolved now as done the followings

    I have force quit 1Password as Mac OS told me that I am running out of memory due to 1Password (42GB or something to that order)
    After restarting 1Password, there is a new release. I have updated to latest release - 1Password for Mac 8.2.2-23.BETA
    After opening the new release, it did not ask me to enter the 1Password 2FA
    I still open the send diagnostics option , then Mac asked me to give 1Password access to my download folder, which I had not done before. Then the reveal option came up
    The report are around 3G file size and cannot attach to this email. Any way I can upload to your site?

  • @thirsytlizard

    If you are able to host the diagnostics report on iCloud or Google Drive and share it with us that would be great. Please make sure to only share it with us via email. Thanks!

  • done, shared via iCloud, link sent to support team via email

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Thank you! Have you received a ticket number already?

  • are you referring to this number? support ID is [#GCF-18418-289]

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    Yes, thank you :+1:

    ref: GCF-18418-289

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