Suggestion: Improved "Update/Save Login" UI

The Problem

There are a lot of sites out there that have questionably built registration or password update forms. Many of them have steps split up across multiple pages, some also have all sorts of other information packed into the same form (name, address, security questions, etc.). This can lead to 1Password assigning incorrect information or missing information.

User Impact

Right now, when 1Password prompts me to save/update a login on certain pages, I'm not confident that the correct information is going to be captured or that the information will be assigned to the wrong fields. As a result, I often create/edit the login manually in 1Password before hitting submit on the site, which isn't as convenient as a password manager should be. An improved save/update UI could save so much time and give a better sense of security.

Minimum Features

  • The prompt should display what values are being changed along with what they are being set to, and what they are being changed from if it's an update prompt.
  • Passwords and other secure fields should be masked, but have a button to unmask so a user can verify the changes. If the selective masking isn't a good solution, then each of the values should either be masked or hidden below a fold, or have a single button to reveal all values.

Additional Features

  • A feature to not mask the first and last characters of secure fields could be nice for some people, but I'm certain some people would be against it so it would have to be optional.
  • The ability to manually correct the captured information before creating/updating would be amazing, but quite a big feature.
  • Capturing additional, non-identifiable, fields and hiding them in a separate section would also be great. That way users can see information that they may want to manually set in 1Password along with the values that were chosen. This is especially good for sites with mandatory security questions. Ideally the user could click those detected values and assign it directly, but that would be a complicated UI to develop.

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  • @palendrance

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We're always looking for ways to improve your user experience, so feedback is most welcome. 😊

    Your initial submission did not indicate which version of 1Password you're currently using in your browser. Based on the feedback you've shared, I suspect you might be using our 1Password Classic extension which, as you've discovered, has some limitations when it comes to saving or updating your Login items.

    Our new version of 1Password for your browser offers a much better experience when it comes to saving items. You can now view what fields are being added/edited and remove any superfluous fields that might be captured in the process. It would look something like this:


    If you're interested in taking it for a spin, I'd love to know what you think and whether or not it improves your state of play a little. Let me know and I'll be happy to share any outstanding feedback you have with our development team.

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