Suggestion: User-Friendly Type to Fill

The Problem

There are an unfortunate number of sites out there that have fields or forms built around keyboard events rather than actual values. Because of this, pasting values or using 1Password's autofill doesn't trigger form validation properly. In even worse cases, it causes entirely incorrect information to get submitted on the site.

User Impact

Right now, when I encounter a site like that, I manually enter the information. Clicking into each field, then the extension, then right clicking the 1Password entry, hovering over the relevant field name, then picking the correct window under "Type in window" may or may not work, but it's such a long and cumbersome workflow that I always forget to try it, and I'm sure most users don't even know about that feature. Having to select the field as a separate step and then tell 1Password which window to type in is also a recipe for users accidentally submitting information somewhere they shouldn't. This also means that my passwords on these sites are less secure since I manually type them; they are shorter than my other passwords, they are word-based, and they avoid ambiguous characters. I also have to remember which sites are like that, which can lead to failed login attempts and locked accounts. What would be better would be the ability to easily tell 1Password to simulate actual keypresses when entering information.

Minimum Features

  • Actual keyboard events need to be simulated when the user requests it, autofill should still be the default. This might be true already, I'm not entirely sure.
  • The 1Password item in context menu from right-clicking a text field should have a sub-menu, and that sub-menu should have a "Type " item for each of the fields from the site's 1Password entry. Clicking the "Type " button should trigger 1Password to type the associated value into the field that was clicked. If there are security or workflow issues associated with having all of the fields show up in the context menu dynamically, you could alternatively have a single "Type from 1Password..." item instead, and that opens up the minimal UI to unlock the vault if necessary, and then choose the field from a list, which types the value immediately upon clicking.

Additional Features

  • A per-site setting to always type values rather than auto-fill would be great, that way users don't have to memorize what sites can't handle autofill, and so users don't have to have an extra-complicated workflow for those sites. This setting would be enabled via a checkbox next to the website in 1Password. The checkbox should say something along the lines of "force typing-only mode" and have a tooltip that explains that the setting can help with autofill compatibility issues on some sites, and should only be enabled on sites if you are experiencing problems using 1Password on them.

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  • @palendrance

    Ideally, we'll want to be able to autofill all sites with a single click. Your original post did not include any details regarding which version of 1Password for your browser you're currently using. I'd be interested to know if the new version of 1Password for your browser that I suggested my other post here is able to handle autofill for the problematic sites that you've encountered? Instead of a contextual menu, this version offers a slick new inline menu with improved saving and filling logic and is able to overcome some of the limitations we have on problematic sites.

    That being said, if you do encounter sites where 1Password is unable to fill, we'll definitely want to get these in front of our development team. We'd love an opportunity to improve how 1Password handles these. Do you have an example of a site that exhibits this behaviour?

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