I have TWO Passwords, not ONE.

I've changed my master password twice now. Each time I still have to revert to my original one to sign into my Windows 10 1Password app. That kinda negates the whole ONE password thing. After changing it, I have to use the new one on both the online site and phone app. But the Windows password remains the same. Even after uninstalling then reinstalling the app. This isn't 2Password, is it? Should I find a password manager that actually works?

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  • @alphaomega2016 Does the Windows 10 1Password app also have a local (primary) vault? If you have a primary vault on your Windows 10 machine then the master password for this vault is what you need to enter to open the app. This master password won't change when you change your account password at 1password.com.

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    Rootzero's suggestion is a great one. To give you some more information about the way 1Password unlocks:

    • If a Primary vault exists, then it unlocks using the Master Password for that vault, regardless of what, if any, memberships are signed in
    • If a single 1Password membership is signed in, then it unlocks using the Master Password for that membership account
    • If multiple memberships are signed in, then it unlocks using the Master Password of the first added membership

    So it does sound like you might have an additional vault inside this 1Password app.

  • Yes, there's a Personal vault in there. And this is on one account. I'm the only user. So, if this Personal vault wasn't part of the original 1Password account and I somehow added it, how do I get rid of it while leaving intact all the data I've added so I once again have just one password? Or how do I change the password of this particular vault to match the master password? I see only a place to change the master password.

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    Can you also check if you have a Primary vault inside the 1Password app, and not just a Personal vault? Thank you!

  • Under "All Vaults," I have just the one. It's labeled as "Personal."

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    How to change your 1Password account password

    If you’re using 1Password for Windows, you’ll need to finish changing your password in the app. Open and unlock 1Password using your old password, click the red authentication error banner, and sign in with your new password.

    Does this help?

  • @ag_tommy

    Not exactly, but it got me on the right path. Thanks.

    I went into the app and there was no red authentication error banner. Not sure exactly how (just clicking through everything looking for a solve), but I ended up back in my account on the 1Password website. I went under My Profile and noticed all the Authorized Devices. Thought I'd try deauthorizing everything on my PC. Did so, uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows 1Password app again (may have been an unnecessary step), and signed back into it. This time I was able to use the newest Master Password to do it.

    Thanks for the help, all.

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    This time I was able to use the newest Master Password to do it.

    That is great to hear! And on behalf of Tommy and rootzero as well, you are welcome :)

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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