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Hello there,

I would like to give you feedback on the "new" watchtower UI. Comparing to the previous state, I really miss the visibility on the watchtower "problems" in the main window. In the previous versions, when the watchtower categories were in the sidebar with number of items with it, it was super easy to just glance over it and see if there is any "issue" that needs my attention.

Now, in order to get for example expiring items, you need to click on the watchtower option, wait for the report to "generate", and then find potential problems. That is a lot of steps. And it actually caused some of my certificates to expire just because I was relying on better visibility and haven't checked the report manually (yes, that's on me, but still frustrating, never happened with previous versions).

Is there any plan to make the items visible in the sidebar as we have that previously? I believe that would be an awesome feature to have and would save me (and hopefully not only me) a lot of frustration 🙂

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @ondrejfuhrer

    I'm not aware of any specific plans regarding additional Watchtower-related entries in the sidebar, but I know there has been some discussion on making these flags more visible. I'll be happy to add your comments to those discussions. :+1:

    Thank you for the feedback!


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#157

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