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We've been using 1Password as a business for a couple of years. Overall we are happy and we evaluated two or three different password managers before settling on 1Password. However, I fear there has been an enormous oversight by me and this may now come back to bite us. For some reason it appears that I did not explicitly confirm that 1Password had an audit log showing who accessed or used a password item in a vault. So for example, if we have a generic admin account for a client's admin portal and there are three people with access to that vault, we need to be able to see who accessed the credential and used it when autofilling in a browser login page, etc.
The other password managers we tried had this feature and for some reason I could have sworn that 1Password did as well. Well, we've had an incident and I need to prove which member of a team accessed and logged in to a customer's admin portal but it appears that I am unable to do that. I can view other activity like when an item was updated but not when it was accessed, which seems like a massive oversight to me. I can find posts going back five years requesting this feature but no news on when it might be implemented.
Am I correct in what I say, or am I missing something obvious?

Thank you

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  • Hi @sram, welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    The Activity Log available to 1Password Business customers is mainly intended to record high level account actions, whereas you can create a usage report (for a user or a vault) to better track actual item usage. This would help with your use case for viewing usage for the generic admin Login item. Item usage is reported any time a user:

    • Copies, fills, or reveals a password
    • Exports, prints, or shares an item
    • Edits an item
    • Downloads a Document item
    • Views an item on
    • Accesses an item using the command-line tool

    You can read more about usage reports in the article below:

    Create a usage report for a team member or vault

    I hope this helps and please keep me posted if I've misunderstood the exact feature you had in mind.

  • sram
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    As I said, I hoped I was missing something obvious!
    Thank you very much ag_max and I do apologise for my clear ignorance here. What you have outlined in the instructions for a usage report is exactly what I was after. How embarrassing!

    Thanks again, I have now been able to resolve my issue.

    Best wishes

  • No worries, @sram. We're here to help point you in the right direction. :smile:

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