Created new user account for family, but previously installed app on Mac wont accepts password

I have a family package of 1password and added a new user. The new user has been successfully set up and can login on the web and access all vaults. They are using a Mac that was from a previous user. The Mac has been newly set up for them but the 1Password app was previously installed. When we try to login with the new user's master password, the app wont accept it. We tried removing the app and installing the app fresh; it still wont accept the master password to complete the new user set up. Master password still works on web so account is accurate.

1Password Version: 7.8.7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS 11.5.2


  • Hi @lmillerSKY:

    It sounds like the previous user's data is still on the Mac. Can you verify that the previous user has all their data? Once you've verified that they have all their data, follow these steps to reset 1Password on the Mac: How to reset the 1Password app on a specific device

    Once you've done that, sign in on the Mac using the new user's Secret Key and Password.


  • Thanks. That was exactly the issue and I couldn't find any other reference to that from my searches.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    On behalf of Jack, you're welcome.

    Let us know if you encounter any other troubles.

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