Will the v8 Early Access builds get "promoted" to beta?

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Just curious. I beta tested the Mac and Android apps for a long time, and I was happy with the overall stability and polish of those apps while beta testing.

I'm wondering whether the V8 Early Access builds will get officially promoted to beta (prior to v8 reaching general availability status) once they're at a similar level of stability and "feature completeness"?



  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    It's a great question. I wish I could answer it with confidence but I'm honestly not sure. Indeed one of the benefits of going with early access as the label way back when was it gave us the opportunity to have a "promoted to beta" type of announcement.

    I think it really boils down to whether or not I get around to writing up all the things in my head. I have a lot queued up! 🙂

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