What to do when login fields aren't recognized as a login and 1password doesn't offer to autofill

When I went to log into my friend's Jellyfin server, autofill was offered and the app got linked. however, on my local server that doesn't happen, login fields are not recognized at all and 1password doesn't offer to autofill in any way. I have to copy the login details from 1password every time.

web jellyfin on desktop works fine

1Password Version: 7.7.7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 10
Referrer: forum-search:doesn't offer to autofill


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @GhostQ!

    Is there any way you could share a URL to the server, so we could try testing it here too?

  • GhostQGhostQ
    edited September 23

    Thanks for your reply @ag_ana, unfortunately, its on the local network. i'm just asking if there is a way to open it on android without needing the autofill popup to appear.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @GhostQ thanks for providing those additional details.

    I did some testing with the Jellyfin app on my Android device and I was only able to fill my login credentials with Autofill off and Accessibility on from Setting > Autofill. After changing those settings are you able to fill your login credentials in the Jellyfin app?

  • Sorry for the late reply @ag_timothy.

    As for your question, yes, when I disabled Autofill and left Accessibility on it worked.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @GhostQ I will also apologize for my late reply!

    I suspect Jellyfin is blocking Autofill or 1Password may have difficulty detecting the fields. Autofill on Android can be a challenge, because we are not the only party involved. I have gone ahead and reported the issue to our developers. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  • Thank you

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    On behalf of Timothy, you are welcome @GhostQ. If you have any other questions or reports, please feel free to reach out anytime.

    Have a wonderful day :)

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