Integrate with the 1Password app stopped working

I have been on vacation for the last week and I upgraded my system, rebooted, and am now having an issue where the browser extensions are not communicating the lock state between the main 1Password app and Firefox or Google Chrome (google-chrome).

It says "Loading..." when I click on the extension for about a second and then it prompts me for my master password in the extension. Here is a screen capture that the log shows when I click on the extension:

I have tried the following:
1. Disabled the browser integration in the main 1Password app, rebooted, and then re-enabled the browser integration.
2. Disabled the 1Password app integration in the Firefox and Google Chrome extensions and then re-enabled the app integration.

Is there any other troubleshooting I can do to try and get auto-unlock working?

1Password Version: 8.2.2 (80202061)
Extension Version: 2.0.7
OS Version: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member
    edited September 23

    Hi @Fooligan, I'm sorry to hear about this. We'd love to investigate it further for you. If you can send us a message at [email protected], we'll be happy to get to the bottom of what's happened here.

    It'd be great to have some diagnostics from the 1Password for Linux app too, so we can check out the specifics. Here's how you can get those:

    How to Send Us Diagnostics from Your Linux Device

    1. Open the 1Password for Linux app on your device
    2. Press alt. A menu will appear at the top of the 1Password window. Click the 3-dot icon (...).
    3. Select File > Settings > Advanced > Send Diagnostics.
    4. Select Reveal to see the directory where the diagnostic file was generated.

    We'll make sure to get this set right for you as quickly as possible. Thanks again for letting us know of the issue!

  • Hi @PeterG_1P, I have sent in my diagnostic report and referenced this thread in the email. Thanks for the help.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Acknowledged, we got it! Thanks @Fooligan. I'll dig right in on this. We'll continue the conversation over there. 👍

  • Hey, I'm experiencing the exactly same issue. I'm on Arch Linux.
    I've also sent my diagnostics, FYI.

  • BlakeBlake

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    Thanks for sending those in @xuanruiqi!

    Could you provide the Support ID you should've received in an auto-reply to your email to us? It'll look something like [#ABC-12345-678]

  • StanislavStanislav
    edited September 30

    Have something like that, all logs sent to [email protected] and my ID was VWD-57381-665

  • I'm actually on Beta, but I see people reporting the same bug on Beta as well. Strangely I didn't get an autoreply. But someone reached out to me manually; I'll make sure to refer them to you.

  • This issue appears to be fixed after last nights update to 1Password. I have moved over to the BETA channel and am currently running 8.2.2-80202072.

  • If someone still experiences this issue, you can try this quick fix:

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update @Fooligan! 💙

    If anyone else in this thread is still encountering issues with 1Password for Linux integrating into 1Password in your Browser, please make sure you've updated to the latest 1Password for Linux Beta Build.

  • 1P_Claudio1P_Claudio

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    Thank you @Stanislav, just circling back so we can link things up. We'll keep working with you directly over email. :)

    ref: VWD-57381-665

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