My wife is a luddite.

She is comfortable with recording passwords on scraps of paper. I want to go with 1Password. How will his incompatibility work for a common URL such as a financial institution? If I use your password generator does that lock her out, (forcing me to sleep out in the cold) or do I need to keep using our existing, and weak, password?

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  • Hi @jimclarkson:

    Thanks for considering 1Password! The benefits of storing your passwords in 1Password securely are significantly lessened by writing them down separately.

    What I'd recommend is using 1Password Families, and updating all your shared passwords like financial institutions and storing them in the Shared vault, which is accessible by all users in a family account.

    While there is a bit of a learning curve and change in the way she'd use passwords, we're always happy to help, either here for more general questions, or by emailing us.


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