Apple TV iOS remote app, entering passwords using 1P8 is not working

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I actually had this problem under iOS 15 beta, but now on the public release, this problem is still present. I find myself having to sign in to my streaming services rather frequently now on my Apple TVs. When I click to use 1Password, it opens a window but does not present a field to enter my master password nor does it asked to use Face ID. I have to exit the TV Remote app, launch 1Password, and only then when I return to the remote app will 1Password be open for use.

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  • bastula
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    I am also running into this issue with the AppleTV keyboard prompt. The FaceID nor password prompt show up either when using AutoFill in this manner.

    First I was on 1P standalone on iOS without a subscription. I decided to subscribe due to all the changes with the share sheets being removed in version 7.8 and having just upgraded to iOS 15. The issue still persists.

    Turns out this functionality which is required daily when accessing Netflix on AppleTV (re-authenticating) makes 1P on iOS less useful. I have to manually open 1P and copy the password into the AppleTV keyboard prompt.

    Could someone please take a look into this, as this is a regression between 7.7 and 7.8?

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