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First off, thank you so much. I logged into Fastmail to discover this news and was pleasantly surprised. [=

I watched the how-to videos and read the articles on both 1Password and Fastmail. I'm having a slightly difficult time getting this to work. I am using Mac Safari with Extension 2.1.0.

I've logged into my account (e.g. that I want to create a masked email for, but no matter what I click on (extension or the Mac app), I am not presented with any sort of prompt for creating a masked email.

Am I just missing something pivotal here?

Thank you!

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hey @zero_builders

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting started. A couple things I'd like to check:

    1. Have you enabled the integration between 1Password and Fastmail at this link?
    2. Do you have the inline menu enabled for 1Password in Safari, such that there is a dropdown beneath the email field on the Hulu signup form?

    Please let me know. :)


  • Hello @Ben,

    I do have all of them enabled, yes, and the integration has been completed.

    Noticed you said "signup" form... I'm trying to change all of my existing accounts to masked emails, if that makes a difference.

    Thanks, in advance.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I see. Yes, there is a difference, currently. For this initial version of the feature masked emails are only suggested with new logins, not existing ones. We do have a feature request filed for the latter and I'll be happy to add your voice to that request.


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#933

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    You're very welcome. :)


  • +1 for the feature request to used masked email with existing logins!

  • Hey @cyclezen:

    I've added your voice to that request as well. :smile:


  • Please add my voice to this request. Seems absolutely insane to me that the feature, which will commonly be used to create alt accounts on websites and services, launched in a state whereby you can't actually use the feature at all if you already have an account saved in 1Password...

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hi @Sheza:

    I've added your feedback as well.


  • jhollingtonjhollington Junior Member

    I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but it also seems that Masked Emails can't be created on the fly when filling out a registration form that simply asks for your email address, rather than explicitly requiring it as a login name (even though it will be used as such).

    Instead, 1Password just offers to autofill my contact info, which is obviously not helpful in situations where I'd prefer to use a masked email instead.

  • I'm seeing the same thing - i need to provide an email but not a login to a site - and thus I can't create a masked email. At the moment this integration is not particularly useful. It's faster just to create the masked email on the Fastmail site then mess around with 1password for it.

  • This feature is NOT working at all. Yes, I've got the latest version and I've followed all the steps, have the integration in place and verified, and am using Fastmail with no issues. However if I go to a site I've never been to or have an account on, in the one spot that asks for "email," there is no option to get a Fastmail email to fill in; there is nothing available like in the demo video in the blog. Go to and select the "FWI Cloud" under the "Login" options if you want to troubleshoot what I'm seeing. Granted this is a login page versus a "create an account page," but I'm going out on a limb that 1Password doesn't have the AI to determine that the "email" field is for a login versus creating a new account. After all, I get all sorts of 1Password "suggestions" at all the wrong times for various fields. If you want to continue to troubleshoot with real world pages, pick the FWI Community under the same login dropdown and go to the "Sign up" page. It will present a very common "fill in your info" page which includes email, and lo and behold 1Password does not recognize to provide a Fastmail suggestion there when it should.

    Ironically, when I went to post this, since I'm not a current user to the forum I had to create an account. When I went to signup for the first time, 1Password FAILED to provide me a Fastmail alias. This feature clearly is not working!

    Please investigate and report back on confirmation of an issue and/or resolution.

  • chris55chris55
    edited October 13

    I just use apples “hide my email” when 1Password doesn’t offer a masked email address.

    It gets forwarded to a Fastmail alias so it pretty much works the same. Or I use my newly created @duck address which again goes to that same alias as Apple.

    I hope the integration does get progressively better. It’s not far off being perfect.

  • The primary benefit of this feature (for me) is that I no longer have to go through all of the extra clicks required to manually create a new alias email account in Fastmail. When 1PW has prompted me to mask an email, and I have accepted it, it works wonderfully!

    Unfortunately, when I want to convert existing accounts from my previously created alias email to a fully auto-generated masked email, 1PW fails miserably. The only way to do this is to manually go into the new 'Masked Email' tab in Fastmail. (at least this is less clicks than creating a new alias)

    Please make this easier!

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hi everyone,

    @jhollington and @colacin:

    Would you be able to share the pages where you were running into trouble? We can investigate and see if we can make it smoother for you on those sites.


    Thanks for your input on those two sites. The FWI Cloud site does appear to be a login page, so in that case suggesting a masked email doesn't appear to make sense in that context. As for your second example, I've filed it for internal review. I just checked, and I did receive a Masked Email suggestion on the registration page here, so I've got a few troubleshooting steps to try and make sure Masked Emails are working properly for you:

    1. Disable the integration in Fastmail by selecting "Review access" in the 1Password row, then "Remove access":
    2. Disable the integration in 1Password, by selecting the Fastmail entry, then "Deactivate Fastmail" :
    3. Enable the integration in Fastmail:
    4. After signing in to 1Password again to confirm the integration, verify that your Fastmail email address is shown in the Integration directory again:

    Additionally, Masked Emails requires either 1Password in the browser, or if you're using Safari on macOS, the separate 1Password for Safari extension. That extension does not integrate with 1Password 7. It can either operate with your 1Password membership separately from the app, or it can integrate with 1Password 8 for Mac Early Access.


    Glad to hear you're liking it so far!


    I'll add your feedback to this request internally. Thanks!

    ref: dev/core/core#10636
    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#933

  • Thanks Jack. On the theory that it was a Safari issue, I tried Firefox and Chrome as well, both on my Mac with 1P7, and same results. I'll try your troubleshooting steps and see where it gets.

    I'm confused though on what I'm supposed to do for Safari on Mac OS since you state that extension does not integrate with 1P7. I have tried clicking the vault icon in the email field on the page as well as bringing up 1P7 mini with the vault password in the banner bar, both with no success. I used the links you provided and now I have two extensions in Safari: "1Password 7.8.8" and "1Password for Safari 2.1.3". Should I remove one?

  • rudyrudy

    Team Member
    edited October 14


    To attempt to clarify the situation:

    • 1Password for Safari 2.1.3 has support for mail aliases but doesn't integrate with 1Password 7.
    • 1Password 7.8.8 integrates with 1Password 7 but does not have support for mail aliases.

    You would need to use 1Password for Safari 2.1.3 if you want to use mail aliases, but that no longer has integration with the desktop application that you're using.

  • Oh that makes it perfectly clear >_< Bottom line is that a new "feature" of being able to integrate with Fastmail was announced that only works in a highly specialized setup that I missed the memo on and wasn't clearly communicated. I've heard rumblings that 1P8 is coming, but the blog post announcing the new integration certainly wasn't clear at all: "The Masked Email integration is available globally to anyone with both a 1Password and a Fastmail account." Now I fully understand the grumblings of another user about how 1Password has abandoned Mac users. What I'm hearing is that I need to dump the app and only use the web version with the Safari integration. "What could possibly go wrong?" How did I miss this communication of this transition? Am I the only one?

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member


    What I'm hearing is that I need to dump the app and only use the web version with the Safari integration.

    No need to dump the app: you can continue using the desktop app even if you use the Safari integration while you are browsing :+1:

  • jaxzinjaxzin Junior Member
    edited October 16

    I've read through this thread because I was excited by the announcement, signed up for Fastmail, add it as an integration....and I'm lost how to get this working on my Mac. The link to "1Password for Safari" under "Get the Apps" is That page says "After you install 1Password for Mac, it’ll ask you to turn on 1Password in Safari". Okay, I've had that working for years, so what do I do next? I see this thread mention "1Password for Safari 2.1.3". But in Safari > Preferences > Extensions I see I have "1Password 7.9", so what is this 2.1.3 version you are referring to? How do I install it? I'm a loyal 1Password user, but I just signed up for a trial of Fastmail at your announcement's prompting...and now I have no idea how to use it. This is not the 1Password experience I'm used to.

    If this is supposed to be working, here is an example of where it isn't:

    EDIT: Okay, I re-read the entire thread an see @jack.platten linked to 1Password for Safari in the Mac Store. I installed that and disabled the 7.9 extension and I'm seeing Masked Email support on the above checkout page now.

    My feedback, the breadcrumbs to get this working are not in the blog post, your support docs, or even the "Get the apps" page (see above)

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    Thank you for that. I'll talk to the team to see how we can make this more clear. Admittedly it is a bit difficult as we're in a bit of a transition state with our browser extensions (and desktop apps in general) as we move toward 1Password 8. The 1Password for Safari extension from the App Store supports newer features such as Masked Email, but it doesn't integrate with 1Password 7 for Mac. It only integrates with 1Password 8 for Mac, which is currently in Early Access. As such we do have a bit of a balancing act to follow regarding messaging and expectations here. Hopefully we can smooth it out a bit as we continue to move each of these pieces forward.


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