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Max Killen
Max Killen
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I am used to using the 1Password iOS App to look up saved passwords and to press to copy the password to the clipboard. I am finding the latest releases to be too sensitive.
My mother has lost the sense of touch in all of her fingers. This makes it impossible for her to be able to tap and copy a password out. She is too old to understand what is happening and so overwhelmed that she can no longer use the iOS app.
Getting an older user to use secure passwords is already hard enough. Now she is now resetting all of her passwords to password123.

1Password Version: 7.8.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15.1 19B5052f


  • Hi @Max Killen:

    I'm sorry your mother is having trouble with copying passwords. To clarify is your mother trying to press and hold to copy items?

    There are a few suggestions I can offer as for making this easier:

    1. A single tap on the field should show the copy button.
    2. I'm not sure if you have adjusted any of the Accessibility settings on her device, but there's an option to make Haptic Touch take longer to activate if the screen is held which may also be helpful. To change this setting, open Settings on the device, then go to Accessibility > Touch > Haptic Touch, and select Slow instead of Fast (the default), iOS will wait longer before triggering the Haptic Touch pop up.

    There's also other Touch Accommodations that may be helpful for her as well. I haven't used any of those, so I don't have any advice on specifically what if any would be helpful for your mother's situation.


  • RichieB
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    I am a 48 year old computer programmer and I have the same problem. Haptic Touch is very user unfriendly and counter intuitive in 1Password. For example when I want to copy a URL a single touch opens the URL, so I need the long press which suddenly pops up the entire entry. What is the purpose of this pop up? What does it offer over the original screen of the item?

    Changing the IOS 3D/Haptic Touch setting from fast to slow does not change anything for 1Password. It keeps popping up items when I don’t want it to.

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