Feature Request: No more SCIM bridge

Hi. I'm wondering if there are plans to implement SAML functionality directly in the 1password system so that it isn't necessary to implement this SCIM Bridge? It seems like an unnecessary, redundant, and superfluous cog in the works for anyone already using some form of SSO.

We're using Azure AD and I have quite successfully implemented user auto-provisioning and authentication with several other vendors, so I'm wondering what's stopping Agilebits from doing the same?

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  • Chas_1PChas_1P

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    Hey ilsaloving,

    One aspect that introduces a lot of complexity is with how we've decided to build our SCIM bridge. Because the SCIM bridge is set up and deployed on a server in the customer's own environment, the encryption keys for your account are only available to you and no one else, this way no secure information is shared and your company is protected. We use Secure Remote Password (SRP) for this, which is the same approach that secures all 1Password clients. This introduces a lot of complexity when implementing SSO. However, we're always working to make things easier for customers so look out for more to come in this area!

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