Family should not be able to see the history, I have 800 accounts to update password?

How could I delete or turn off the option to save password history? I understand duplicate the account is an option but moving to 1Password was not so I could do that, I am a user of lastpass, thycotic, cyberark, roboform. None of them do this and I do find this a somewhat security vulnerability. My reason to jump on is the IOS integration and even paid for it. But this is turning out to be a pain. I have about 800 accounts to update password for and along with that share some with family members, in no way I want them to see the history with my ex girl friends name in there etc.

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  • @katakat Nobody else can see inside your Private vault. So you only need to duplicate the items which you intend to share with your family. Once you have created the new item and deleted the old one, remember to go to to destroy the copy in Recently Deleted Items.
    If that is not workable then you could export your vaults, delete the originals and re-import them.

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