Is backup and sync necessary?

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I am finishing my first week with 1Password, so I apologize for asking a novice question. I am still in the 14-day trial period, but will be paying for the Families version of 1Password when 1Password charges my account. I have a account, and I am using the Windows client, Android App, the Chrome and Edge browser extensions, and my family will be using a combination of Macs, iPhones, Windows, and iPads. I have built our structure of family shared and private vaults and entered roughly 150 items so far. I LOVE IT! What a great system!

I want to be completely clear and certain that all our information is adequately backed up and synced. If my Windows machine explodes and my Android phone is dropped in the ocean, I will be able to re-install 1Password on a new machine and new cell phone without losing any data. I believe as long as I have my Secret Key and Master Password, this is a simple process of re-installing the apps and logging back into them on the new machines because all our data and system is encrypted and stored in 1Password's redundant cloud. Am I correct about this? I am a little confused because there is so much discussion and activity in this community about backup and sync with Dropbox and other cloud solutions. I do have a Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Amazon Drive to backup and sync various parts of my desktop and data, but I am not trying to use any of these with 1Password. I have not done anything explicitly to setup or sync 1Password with Dropbox.

Am I doing it correctly, or should I be taking additional steps? If so, what do I need to do?

1Password Version: 7.8.820
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  • Hi @drhender,

    That's exactly right. As long as you have your Secret Key and account password (and two-factor authentication if you've enabled it), you can add your 1Password account to the 1Password account on your new device if somehow your Windows machine exploded and your Android phone fell in the ocean.


  • drhender
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    Thanks so much, Jack! Let's hope those specific scenarios don't happen, but it's good to know I'm protected if they do.

  • You're welcome @drhender!

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    Hi @drhender,
    As a longtime 1Password user (since 2010) I would like to welcome you to the family :-)
    I'm still a standalone user, as is my wife, and two sons. We currently use dropbox and my wife and I share a dropbox directory where we keep our 1password data file and share everything.

    I'm in the process of switching over to the Family membership. Obviously, the Family plan will make our lives much easier since most of what we do today is build-in. Before I make the move, I'm going through all my passwords, etc., and cleaning things up. I currently have 705 items and 372 items in my Trash. I will also need to set up a shared account for only my wife and me, and after I get set up, I will need to move a bunch of common items to that share. I never make a move like this quickly. I need to get it all figured out in my head first (I tend to overthink things LOL).

    Anyway, I know you will like using 1Password. Take care.

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    Thank you for sharing :)

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