[browser extension / feature request] please move edit / submit button upward

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Hi, I was confusing to find edit / submit / new button in edit pane when I use high-resolution display.

I see window such like this (in this screenshot is shown by Japanese language setting, but layout is same through languages):

edit / submit button is very far from textbox (and button is tiny), so my experience is currently not very good.
I look around edit pane every time when I add new login item. :)

Moving buttons upward or more large button may resolve problems.
Please consider some UI upgrade for edit pane.


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.1.1
OS Version: Linux


  • joshua_1pjoshua_1p

    Team Member
    edited October 7

    Hey @windymelt

    I can definitely see how this could be confusing. Just to clarify, are you able to zoom in via the browser you are using? Whenever I reproduced the issue, zooming in greatly helped. While this is not a complete fix, it should help.

    I am going to put this in as a feature request for you as well! :)

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