Markdown should be a property of items, not clients

We use 1Pass to securely communicate sensitive structured data (typically yaml) between people, tools, and processes using the CLI

This often causes the records where this data is stored to be rendered in 1Pass clients with crazy formatting because the yaml is misinterpreted as markdown

We can of course turn off markdown on all of our clients but then records with markdown are not formatted well

This begs the question:

Why can’t each item independently be set to render with rich or plain formatting? Markdown and yaml or plain text would coexist peacefully. It could work well across clients and be shared with other users without surprises.

Seems to me the benefits outweigh the inevitable drawback


  • artem1Partem1P

    Team Member

    Hi @paulpharr,

    My name is Artem and I work on the team responsible for the CLI.

    I think that your suggestion makes a lot of sense and I will file a ticket for discussion with the team.

    Thank you for your feedback and please reach out with anything else we can help,


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