Will I be able to make changes in 1PW 8 when not online?


I prefer to make changes to my passwords/records while off line, and then allow 1PW to sync later when I am on line. Since 1 Password 8 (electron) seems to need an active server connection to operate at all, will this still be possible when 1PW 8 is released?

Please put a list of 1PW 8 YouTube videos you think are the most informative somewhere in the community where it would be easy to find.

I plan on moving to 1PW8 as soon as it is out of Beta. I have trusted 1PW since before 2010, and see no reason to change.

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: mac OS 10, mac OS 12
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  • Jack.P_1P
    edited October 2021

    Hi @Fort_Wayne_Frank:

    1Password 8 allows offline viewing and changes without a connection to the internet just like 1Password 7 does. If you've tried 1Password 8 Early Access, is that not the experience you've had? If you were having issues with 1Password 8 Early Access, we'd like to look into it further.


  • Fort_Wayne_Frank
    Community Member

    Thank you for your response. No, I have not used 1Password 8 Early Access, I am seeking more information before I try it. I am going by what I've read that the construction of applications with "electron" is web-based and requires "an active server connection". I am hoping that the fact that 1Password 8 has been completely re-written and based upon a completely different architecture does not impact (very much) how I have used, and enjoyed using, 1Password previously.

  • @Fort_Wayne_Frank:

    While yes, Electron does use web technologies, nothing about our use of Electron prohibits us from working with cached 1Password membership data while offline in the same manner 1Password 7 has always done.


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