Feature Request: Control global auto-lock and Clipboard options as admin

Currently users in our org are able to set their Auto-lock options with no restraints outside of the default restraints set by 1Password. For instance, a user could set the app to after the computer is idle for a very, very long time, and disable locking on sleep, screensaver etc. They could also make it so the Clipboard is never cleared of a 1Pass credential.

As an organization very focused on security, we'd like to control these options to force locking on sleep and screensaver, as well as setting the maximum "lock after idle" time to 5 or 10 minutes.

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    edited October 6

    Hi @mspell_ff, welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    In case this is applicable to your situation, with 1Password Business & Teams, we do support the use of mobile device management software to enforce stricter controls within 1Password. This enforcement also includes configuring the various lock settings:

    About mobile device management

    However, not every 1Password platform supports this right now, and an account owner or administrator may want to configure settings directly from the 1Password.com web interface, so I'll go ahead and pass on your feedback to the rest of the team for consideration. If you have any additional requirements or uses cases to share beyond your post, I'll be happy to pass that information along as well.

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#118

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