op manage command seems out of place

I was looking at the syntax for the new connect server commands in the CLI and most of the commands follow the general pattern as the rest of the existing commands:

op create connect server / op delete connect server same as the rest of op create / op delete
op create connect token / op delete connect token same as the rest of op create / op delete
op add connect server / op remove connect server same as the rest of op add / op remove

But then it gets weird
op manage connect add / op manage connect remove?

Why not syntax that's similar to op add user?

op add user [ | ] [flags]

Something like:
op add connect group / op remove connect group

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  • Michael_1PMichael_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @jscarle,

    Thanks for raising these inconsistencies. It's something that we aren't exactly happy with. We have plans to make all of our commands a little more consistent with each other, but doing so would involve introducing breaking changes. That's a big step for a command-line tool, since everyone’s scripts (and your .NET wrapper) would need to be modified, so it's not one that we would take lightly.

    I've shared your feedback with the team and we'll keep note of it for a future 2.0 release.

    Thanks again. Keep those questions and feedback coming.


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