some bug of locale

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  1. The computer‘s region & language is set to hong kong, so the 'use system defaults' in select locale need to be 'Chinese(TW)', but the application show 'Chinese(CN) , it's wrong. because hong kong use Traditional Chinese.

  2. if i select locale to 'Chinese(TW)', The translate is wrong, The 'English(US)' translate to '英語(US)' rather than '繁體中文(us)'。
    the problem also appear in ’Chinese(CN)‘,if i select locale to 'Chinese(CN)', The 'English(US)' translate to '英语(US)' rather than '简体中文(us)'。
    (繁體中文 = Traditional Chinese, 简体中文 = Simplified Chinese)

By the way, apart from forums, are there other ways to feedback?

1Password Version: 80202080
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: windows 10 21h1


  • James.Dressel_1P
    edited October 2021

    Thank you @IamJerry , I'll create an issue and forward this to our localization team.

    In addition to the forum, you can report issues to

    Edit: In particular, thank you for both the marked-up screenshot, and text that I can copy and paste.


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