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I tried out the new File field, which seems to work just fine in the 1Password application (macOS). I went to check out the results on (business) and noticed that the site reports "This item has an unsupported field" where I believe the new File field and content would be displayed.

  1. Is this feature coming to the site access?
  2. I see that it works fine on the macOS application, Safari integration, and I believe the Chrome extension, but are there any issues for the Android, Windows or Linux platforms?

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  • ag_max
    edited October 2021

    Hi @elDub,

    Thanks for taking the time to try out the new File Attachments feature. I cannot say for certain when this new feature will be available on the web interface, though I do know the importance of viewing and managing your files everywhere, so I'd imagine this functionality will be coming sometime in the future.

    As for your second question, this feature still has yet to be implemented in all the 1Password apps. I'm not personally aware of any known issues at the moment, so you should be able to make use of them in the supported platforms.

    ref: dev/b5/b5#14132

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