Feature enhancement requests for Psst!

I love the new Psst! feature and am really happy about its implementation. However there are some things I already miss and would love to see in a future iteration:
1. The Acitivity log currently lacks the possibility to filter by type "shared"
2. Vault permissions lacks the possibility to check/uncheck the rights to share items via link
3. Although not explicitly promoted, it's of course possible for a shared item's target person to copy any details their device. I wish that 1Pwd notified me as an admin as soon as a link is expired so that I don't forget to change the password.

I also feel like the sharing-feature is so different from the other actions shown in the activity log and so critical at the same time that it needs its own dashboard. For me as an administrator of a business account the activity log's overview of which items are currently shared is not helping much. What I'd need is a a tabular overview displaying:

  • shared item
  • date shared
  • expiration date
  • shared by
  • shared with
  • opened yes/no/more (if shared with multiple people)
  • changed since share yes/no (link for details)
  • copied to their 1Pwd account yes/no

All columns should be sortable. "Overdue" items (where the expiry date has already passed) should be displayed red so that I can see at a glance which items may need action on my behalf. On top of that, if an item has been changed since being shared, there should be a link that shows me the state of the item at the point it's been shared compared to its most recent version, preferably highlighting the details that differ between the two versions.

Finally I should be able to mark shares as "resolved" when I or another admin has determined a share as safe, for example because the password has been changed since.

If you've got any questions about my use case or need more details I'd be happy to elaborate more.

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  • Hi @to_bias

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your detailed feedback for improving the new sharing feature. I've passed your helpful comments along to our development team so they can review everything for future consideration.

    For the benefit of everyone else viewing this (it sounds like you're already aware), with 1Password Business you can view entries pertaining to shared items via the Activity Log when using the Vault Items filter under Filter by Type. Clicking on the icon present in the listed event will open a Sharing Details popup window, containing information about the item being shared, the expiration date, and the person who shared item as well as the recipient(s).

    After clicking the icon:

    ref: dev/b5/b5#14093
    ref: dev/b5/b5#14212

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