Same account, but different user name formatting for different sites

I have an enterprise account where the password is the same across all internal and external web sites, but the user name varies in formatting for each site that I need to log in to.

For example:
Site 1: drew at
Site 2: drew
Site 3: domain\drew

To make it more convenient for me to not have to edit the user name for each site, I've removed the user name field and added in the id of each field on each website with the appropriate user name formatted as it needs to be for each site. (I'm adding these in the "Web Form Details" section.

However, I can't get the information right for two places: Microsoft Office 365 log in pages and digest/basic HTTPS web sites that prompt me for the default browser based user/password box. 1Password won't seem to autofill the field names unless I designate a field as a username.

See screenshot below for the setting that I'm attempting to use for Office 365.

See screenshot below for the browser user/password prompt. This works if I put in an "actual" user name in the 1Pa

Any tips on how I can set this up to work for all scenarios?


  • Edit: "This works if I put in an "actual" user name in the 1Password user name field, but not otherwise."

  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

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    You're right, sites that use basic authorization are handled differently by 1Password. It will only "Open & Fill" to that site if you have the respective username and password fields saved. In this case, I'd recommend saving a separate Login for the URL that uses basic auth since there's no way to map the username to HTML attributes on pages that utilize this type of authorization.

  • OK, thank you. I was just trying to find a way to avoid the read "Reused Password" flag, but I can deal with it. :smile:

    @ag_chantelle - what about the field name for O365? I could just lump that one in the separate login that has the user name and password filled in.

  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

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    As long as the O365 login page is a standard login page (not basic authorization), then yes - you should be able to create field under web form details for the username there.

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