Update to `pyonepassword` to optionally re-use existing sessions.

zcutlipzcutlip Junior Member

Just wanted to share that I updated pyonepassword to optionally re-use existing op sessions. This should make things a bit nicer for scripting.

For example, if you did eval $(op signin) on the command line, you could then instantiate your OP object without need for credentials:

op = OP(use_existing_session=True)

A couple of related changes are:

  • If you try to use an existing session, and you pass password_prompt=False, and there's no existing session you'll get a OPNotSignedInException

    • This allows you to fall back to a password prompt if desired
  • If no valid session is available and you pass password_prompt=True (the default), you'll get op's native prompt on the console

You can get v1.9.2 from PyPI.

Thanks to @mconigliaro for the GitHub issue.


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