Feature Request: Multi-line Keys/Passwords

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I keep running into situations where I need to save a multi-line key or password, but 1Password for Linux and the browser extension seem to want to compress it all onto one line.

For example, a few months ago I was trying to save my license key for Sublime Text and Sublime Merge, but it's a multi-line value:

----- BEGIN LICENSE -----
------ END LICENSE ------

Thankfully, I was able to switch to macOS, where multi-line values are supported, to save that particular license in 1Password. But I ran into this again this week when I needed to save a set of backup codes.

I've been able to copy things into a text editor and fuss with the formatting, but that only works for certain things. Please add support for multi-line values, like the macOS version already has!

1Password Version: 8.2.2
Extension Version: 2.1.3
OS Version: Pop!_OS 21.04


  • Hi @miquella, thanks for this request, and for showing us the specific use case and why this is valuable to you. I have submitted this as a feature request to our developers on your behalf. I hope this is helpful! 😃

    ref: dev/core/core#10667

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