Arrow keys don't work in "Quick Access" popup

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When I use Ctrl+Shift+Space for the Quick Access panel, then pick a item (like a shell login for example), the popup that appears doesn't seem to react to arrow keys.

The main 1Password window does support arrow keys for navigating between rows, highlight "Copy", and hit space to copy. I expect that the popup matches this behaviour.

It seems that using TAB/Shift+TAB does work, but this is awkward, I rather use arrow keys, it feels more natural.

1Password Version: 8.3.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


  • Hi, @francislavoie .

    Unfortunately, this may not get fixed very soon. We've been working on this problem, but cannot seem to make any headway into it. There is some strange behavior with the window management and focus that impacts this window, and several developers have tried to debug it to no great success.

    I'm sorry that's the answer for now. I do hope that as we improve the code, we can eventually find and fix the problem.

  • francislavoie
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    Funky. Alright, thanks for the followup. I understand, window management can be a nightmare :sweat:

  • We appreciate your understanding, @francislavoie. And thanks for raising the issue here!

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