Feature request: Easier authentication on laptop client/1Password.com

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Hello all,
I'd like to submit a request about authentication.

Two use cases :
Sometimes I have to just go to 1password.com and grab a login without installing the client.
Sometimes I install the client 1Password7 on a windows laptop but none of the authentication method are convenient.

My request :
Most of the time, I am already logged in on my phone. Why ? Because it is the easiest to access with ios and faceid for example.
Why not introducing a QR code that I scan from the phone already logged in that automatically log me in on the web browser or client.

If you look at 1Password7 today (let's call it thick client on Windows) you can scan a QR code but from a webcam or clipboard, it's not always handy. Rather I would use my phone, it's much easier. If you look at login on 1password.com on a laptop where you never logged in before then it's a nightmare (email + masterpassword + master key)

There's lot of companies introducing this. For example Binance. If I want to login, I take my phone from the Binance app (I am already logged in) and just scan the QR code on the web browser and that's it. Same with UBS (banking in Switzerland).

Could you please think about this and make my life easier :) ?

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